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Over 16,000 users worldwide have chosen Clkim for their link shortening needs. Share in our success with the Clkim Referral Program.

By driving traffic to Clkim, you can easily generate passive income with every converted visitor you send us.


Affiliate Payouts

We treat our affiliates like partners! That's why we offer much more than just a plain old "Cost-Per-Action" for every subscriber.

As an affiliate, you'll receive:

a) 20% Lifetime-Revenue Share for every conversion (which is amongst the highest in the industry). This is not just the first-time deposit fee. So long as your referrals remain Clkim clients, you'll generate passive income on a monthly basis!

b) 3 months free for 5 sign-ups. This is a one-time offer. In addition to Lifetime-Revenue Share, once you drive your first 5 sign-ups, you'll get 3 months free for your personal Clkim plan (no matter what plan you have).


How To Join

1. SIGN UP: Sign up for an account on Clkim.

2. PROMOTE CLKIM: Grab your Clkim affiliate link from our Referral Program zone (it looks something like this: )

3. GET PAID: Share your links & we will take care of the rest!  

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