Clkim Starter Plan


Starter Plan Overview

The Starter Plan allows you to optimize your content for Social Media, while gathering priceless data on your audience engagement.

Our software is user-friendly and designed to make the modern marketer’s life easier. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and love seeing how Clkim’s features solve real-world problems and optimize content.

With the Starter Plan, you can seamlessly sync a branded domain, generate QR Codes for offline campaigns, edit how your content looks in Social Media posts, and redirect traffic as you please (including A/B testing!).

This plan will add functionality to your links that you never thought possible. This is the time to unleash the power of your links.


Excellent Solutions For...

  • Email Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers / Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Start-Ups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Mobile Marketers
  • App Developers
  • Agencies
  • PR Firms
  • SMS Marketers


Key Benefits

Your ToolBox For Viral Content

Tired of seeing poor engagement stats on your Social Media posts? With the Open Graph Editor, you can customize the picture and text of any social post to increase its ‘oomph’ factor.

Plus, with the Clkim Sharebox you can entice your audience to easily share your branded links on your behalf.


Keep Your Data Safe

Many link shorteners allow competitors to see your stats. Don’t believe us? Just put a “+” at the end of any bitly or link, and you’ll see all the analytics associated with that link.

Examples of Unsecured Stats:


At Clkim, we keep your stats private, so only you can see them.


Dynamic Re-Routing At Any Time

Even after your links are planted online, you can change the destination URL that you wish users to be directed to. That’s the power of the short link - it can take your users anywhere!

Not satisfied with your conversions? Add A/B Testing to your links, and start maximizing conversions. It’s time to spice it up a bit.


Branded Shortened Domain

Follow in the footsteps of international brand managers, and start shortening links with a unique domain across all your online channels. Studies prove that branded domains lead to 40% higher click-through rates.


Monitor Multi-Channel Brand Engagement

Are you tired of having to flip between your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Analytics dashboards to get a full picture of your content marketing?

Now you can view multi-channel audience engagement from the Clkim dashboard. The plan also includes unlimited clicks and URL’s so no matter how viral your content gets, we’ll be ready to take your audience to the desired content.


Integration Tools

Browse our available integration tools, and take advantage of our API, ShareBox, Bookmarklet, Browser Extensions, Zapier features and more.

You can also use our Auto-Shortening tool on your site to generate Clkim short-links on auto-mode.


Online / Offline Analytics

We provide you with a QR code for every link you shorten.

By inserting these codes into your printed materials, you can measure the engagement of all your offline materials based on Regional Stats, Age, Gender, and more.


Email Support

If you have questions along the way, you can also utilize our Email Support service. We’re always here to help.

Added features also include password-protected URL’s, adding notes to individual links, and QR Codes for offline campaigns. Get started with the Starter Plan, and start experiencing the magic of Clkim today.

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