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Our new ShareBox is perfect for Wordpress Publishers and Bloggers eager to get their custom shortened URL’s shared across the web. The ShareBox allows your site’s visitors to easily spread your content on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Reddit, and other Social Media Channels.

On this page, we’ll describe the unique benefits of the Clkim ShareBox, and provide a guideline for quickly integrating the ShareBox into your site.


Pre-Loaded with Branded Links

The ShareBox is already loaded with your Custom Short Link, so instead of your audience sharing links called:

“”, or “”

It will look more like this:



Post-Sharing Benefits

Aside from the benefits of branded links (which are memorable, build trust, and lead to more clicks), you can dynamically control several elements of your links even after they’re shared on Social Media.

Encourage your audience to share your branded links, and you’ll receive the following benefits as your army of short links spread across the online community:

A) Re-direct your audience based on whether they’re browsing on Desktop or Mobile, or based on the country they’re browsing from. In this way, your audience is always seeing the optimized landing page.

B) Control how your content looks on Social Media when users share your shortened links. This can be done from your Clkim dashboard, under the Open Graph tab for any URL.

C) Add a Full-Page ad (relevant to your content) which will appear as users are navigating from Social Media to the desired content. Content-specific ads are easy to implement, lead to more conversions, and you can even control the amount of seconds the ad will show.


Installation Guidelines

Once you integrate the ShareBox Plugin into your WordPress website, you can decide which pages on your site the ShareBox will appear. Add it to every page, only to the blog section, or to specific URL’s of your choice. The more places on your site that you choose to place the ShareBox, the more opportunity your audience has to share your content.

You can also control where on the page the ShareBox will appear, so that it blends perfectly into your design without interrupting the user experience.

Once the Clkim ShareBox is placed, every time a visitor wants to share your article, all they need to do is click the icon of the social channel, and a short branded URL of your article will be posted. It’s simple, yet very effective. As a result, you can expect to see a rise in your shared content, an increase in your traffic and improvement in your overall ROI.

The Clkim Sharebox plugin comes pre-configured for you out of the box. Just download it, extract and place under the wp-content/plugins folder.

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