Optimize Your Monetization

Clk.im offers our premium users the ability to optimize their monetization in order to maximize earnings. They have full control over the following:

Adjust monetization at the link level

Identify which links are are driving the most traffic (number of clicks) & optimize the monetization for each high perfoming link to increase your revenue per click.

Anti Ad-blocker

Ad-blockers are browser addons that prevent ads from showing on websites. Doing so,  site owners are left with reduced revenues causing many of them to explore other monetization options (some more legitimate than others).

Our system identifies when an ad-blocker is active and displayes an alternative ad backfill to these users.

Geo redirect links

Many of our users serve content to multiple countries over the globe. Using the Geo redirect option you can serve geo sensitive content based on the end users location. For example, it means that you can publish on your YouTube channel a Clk.im shortened link and send an American user to your English site and a Chinese user to your Chinese site. Our studies show a substantial increase in conversion rates when users arrive to geo targeted landing page…

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