Clkim Expert Plan


Expert Plan Overview

Imagine that your website was YouTube. Wouldn’t you like to have the ability to serve timed ads to your audience as they’re browsing through the content of your site?

With the Expert Plan, you’re empowered to serve customizable Full-Page Ads (“Interstitials”), or Pop-Unders, as visitors browse between pages of your site. This will dramatically increase your ad inventory and allow you to generate more revenue through your site.

Full-Page ads can launch on click no matter where on the web your custom links are located. Whether your traffic is coming from emails, websites, social platforms, SMS campaigns, or any other source which includes a link.

Our Monetization Features are designed for publishers facing the challenges of 21st Century Monetizers.

Scared about the upcoming Ad-Blocker apocalypse, and what it could do to your monthly revenue reports? Again, we’ve got you covered. Our Ad-Blocker Fallback feature allows you to bypass even the latest Ad-Blockers, and serve ads to every potential consumer.

On top of our Monetization Features, you will also receive all the benefits of Clkim’s dashboard, including:

  • Your ToolBox For Viral Content: Use the Clkim ShareBox plugin, and the Open Graph editor to customize the image and text of any linked content you post on Social Media.
  • Dynamic Re-Routing Options: Special Re-Directs based on OS and GEO, plus A/B testing options.
  • Total Data Privacy: Don’t let competitors see the traffic sources and stats associated with your shortened links.
  • Re-Target on Click: Embed any re-targeting pixel into your shortened links, and never miss an opportunity to re-engage prospects until the deal has been done.
  • Valuable Omni-Channel Analytics: Gain a big-picture of every campaign you launch, by using the same shortened link across every incoming traffic source.
  • Unlimited Clicks and URL’s: No matter how viral your content gets, we’ll be ready to take your audience to the desired content.


Excellent Solutions For...

  • Email Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers / Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Start-Ups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Mobile Marketers
  • App Developers
  • Agencies
  • PR Firms
  • SMS Marketers
  • Site Monetizers


Key Benefits

Customizable Full-Page Ad Format

This feature allows you to monetize your traffic even if your links take users to an external domain which you don’t own.

By taking advantage of our full-page ad units, you can customize which ads are shown via each link click, choose the amount of time each ad runs for, customize the colors of the top bar to match your branding, and more.


Keep Your Data Safe

Many link shorteners allow competitors to see your stats. Don’t believe us? Just put a “+” at the end of any bitly or link, and you’ll see all the analytics associated with that link.

Examples of Public Stats:


At Clkim, we keep your stats private, so only you can see them.


Dynamic Re-Routing At Any Time

Every shortened link planted online allows you to re-route traffic as you please.

Not satisfied with your conversions? Clkim links allow for easy special re-directs, and A/B testing - making special deals and holiday promotions a breeze to execute.

Get ready to serve optimized content based on OS, and Country. No matter where your audience is, or what device they’re using, they will re-direct to the landing page with the optimized user experience every time.


Integration Tools

Browse our available integration tools [insert link here], and take advantage of our API, ShareBox, Bookmarklet, Browser Extensions, Zapier [insert link] features and more.

You can also use our Auto-Shortening tool on your site to generate Clkim short-links on auto-mode.


Live Support

If you have questions along the way, you can also utilize our Live Chat service. We understand that every client has unique needs and dreams. We’re always here for you, and look forward to helping you meet the goals you set for yourself.

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