Choose A Package

Every business and professional has unique needs.

The good news is that no matter which Clkim package you buy, you'll get the following three benefits no matter what.



Integration Tools

Take advantage of our API, ShareBox, Bookmarklet, Browser Extensions, Zapier features and more.

Unlimited Clicks and URL’s

No matter how viral your content gets, we’ll be ready to take your audience to the desired content.

Multi-Channel Brand Analytics

Whether your traffic is coming from emails, websites, social platforms, SMS campaigns, or any other source which includes a link.


If you want more from your links you can choose between the following four plans. Each package builds on the one before it.


A_ The Core Plan ($10/month)

Create branded links to share around the web. You can easily add your own domain to the Clkim dashboard, or purchase a unique domain from us. In this way, you can shorten any link while staying true to your brand’s message. Branded links increase brand recognition and trust, are unique and memorable, and lead to higher click-through rates.


B_ The Starter Plan

One of the most wonderful things about link-shortening capacity is special re-directs. Once you control the link, you can control just about everything! Re-direct traffic based on OS, and GEO, with the same brilliant link. Make sure your audience always lands on the page which is optimized for their viewing (and conversion) pleasure.


C_ The Business Plan

The Business Plan makes it easy for marketers to gather priceless data on their visitors, while segmenting audiences wisely. Plant re-targeting pixels on click, and add UTM codes to your links. Optimized campaigns are only a short link away!


D_ The Expert Plan

On top of all the features mentioned above, the Expert Plan also grants you a suite of Monetization Features. Utilize our full-page ad format in any marketing channel. You choose which links cause the full page ads to appear, which URL’s to show, and how many seconds until the user gets re-directed to the desired content. You can also utilize our Ad-Blocker Fallback options, and sidestep the Ad-Blocker Apocalypse. Start maximizing the revenue potential of your online assets today.

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