Clkim Business Plan


Business Plan Overview

At Clkim, we belive that links are the most misunderstood, and untapped assets the internet has to offer. In a multi-channel world, the role of marketers is becoming increasingly complex. But, it doesn’t have to be!

The Business Plan was designed to help you collect priceless data on your audience, optimize your marketing campaigns, and strengthen your presence on Social Media with our unique branded-URL ShareBox (the first of it’s kind!).

Along with your branded url shortener, and QR code generator, we’ll help you track where your most valuable traffic is coming from using UTM codes.

Our experts have decades of combined experience in the field of online marketing, and we love to help our clients make the most out of their account.

Based on our extensive experience with a wide variety of verticals, clients not tracking their most valuable traffic sources can miss out on valuable insights. Let us help you invest in the marketing channels that are bringing your real results. That way you can focus on the right channels, and increase conversions.

The Business Package also allows you to easily introduce re-targeting to your marketing mix, or improve your current re-targeting campaigns (Learn More Here). Building re-targeting lists with Clkim links opens up amazing opportunities to generate more leads, acquire more customers, and maximize your revenue potential.


Excellent Solutions For...

  • Email Marketers

  • Social Media Marketers / Managers

  • Brand Managers

  • Start-Ups

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Bloggers

  • Mobile Marketers

  • App Developers

  • Marketing Agencies

  • PR Firms

  • SMS Marketers

  • Site Monetizers


Key Benefits

Your ToolBox For Viral Content

Tired of seeing poor engagement stats on your Social Media posts? With the Open Graph Editor, you can customize the look and feel of any content you share to increase its ‘oomph’ factor.

Meanwhile, you can entice your site’s visitors to share your content by integrating Clkim’s Wordpress ShareBox into your site, or blog section.


Built For Convenience And Optimization

Our software is user-friendly and designed to make the modern marketer’s life easier. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and love seeing how Clkim’s features solve real-world problems and optimize content.

The Business plan will add functionality to your links that you never thought possible. This is the time to unleash the power of your links.


Integration Tools

Browse our available integration tools [insert link here], and take advantage of our API, Bookmarklet, Browser Extensions, Zapier features and more.

You can also use our Auto-Shortening tool on your site to generate Clkim short-links on auto-mode.


Keep Your Data Safe

Many link shorteners allow competitors to see your stats. Don’t believe us? Just put a “+” at the end of any bitly or link, and you’ll see all the analytics associated with that link.

Examples of Public Stats:


At Clkim, we keep your stats private, so only you can see them.


Dynamic Re-Routing At Any Time

Every shortened link planted online allows you to re-route traffic as you please.

Not satisfied with your conversions? Clkim links allow for easy special re-directs, and A/B testing - making special deals and holiday promotions a breeze to execute.

Get ready to serve optimized content based on OS, and Country. No matter where your audience is, or what device they’re using, they will re-direct to the landing page with the optimized user experience every time.


Monitor Multi-Channel Brand Engagement

Are you tired of having to flip between your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ dashboards to get a full picture of your content marketing?

Now you can view multi-channel audience engagement from the Clkim dashboard. The plan also includes unlimited clicks and URL’s so no matter how viral your content gets, we’ll be ready to take your audience to the desired content.


Gather Priceless Data on your Traffic

Imbue your links with UTM Codes and start learning which traffic is converting best. Our toolbox is a great addition to your Google Analytics Account.

The Business Plan also grants you access to the Clkim conversion pixels, so you can understand exactly how powerful the impact of each shortened link is in the real world.


Segment and Retarget On Click

Ad-buying platforms like Google, Adroll, and Facebook allow you to build re-targeting lists of everyone that lands on your website. By serving ads to people that have already enagaged with your content, or brand, you significantly increase the chance of generating new leads, and making more sales.

Every shortened Clkim link can be imbued with the re-targeting pixels of your choice (whether you’re directing to traffic to your own site, or curating someone else’s content). Customizable short links allow you to re-target on click!

It’s time to easily segment your customers along every step of their customer journey, serve highly-targeted ads to the right people, and maximize conversions with class.


Online / Offline Analytics

We provide you with a QR code for every link you shorten.

By inserting these codes into your printed materials, you can measure the engagement of all your offline materials based on Regional Stats, Age, Gender, and more.


Live Support

If you have questions along the way, you can also utilize our Live Chat service. We understand that every client has unique needs and dreams. We’re always here for you, and look forward to helping you meet the goals you set for yourself.

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