Automatic Shortener

The Clkim Auto-Shortening Tool allows you add loads of special features to your site’s links.

Please note: the amount of unlocked features is based on the plan you are subscribed for. You can read more about plans here.

Once the auto-shortening tool is integrated, custom short links will be generated every time a web visitor clicks a new link on your site. Every newly generated short link will appear in your Clkim dashboard.

Once the Auto-Shortening Tool is integrated, you will also be able to do new things with your shortened links, such as:

⋆⋆⋆ Integrate Full-Page ads into the user experience: You can choose which links cause the full page ads to appear, which ads to show, and how many seconds until the user gets re-directed to the desired content. This is particularly popular for optimizing mobile monetization strategies, or picking up leads as users are interacting with your content.

⋆⋆⋆ Dynamic Re-Routing Options: For businesses and publishers with a global audience, you can insert smart re-directs based on OS and GEO. For marketers focused on bottom-line KPI’s, you can integrate A/B tests into the user’s natural experience with your site.

⋆⋆⋆ Valuable Site Analytics: Gain a big-picture of your audience’s engagement with your site’s content. Which content is attracting the most clicks? Which devices is your audience using? Where is your audience located? The answers to all these questions are located in your Clkim dashboard.

⋆⋆⋆Build Re-Targeting Lists, and Gather Conversion Data: Once you gain control of your links, you can also start optimizing your content plan and paid ad campaigns. We allow you to easily add re-targeting pixels (from Facebook, Adroll, Google, you name it), or UTM codes for easy cross-platform optimization.

The best part of all is that you can implement all these features on a Domain-Level or on a URL-Level.

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