Clkim Integrations

Clkim's Integration tools are available to all clients regardless of their pricing plan.

Our tools were designed to help online marketers streamline their link shortening capabilities. Every branded link generated via Clkim will allow you to add extra versatility to your online presence, that's why we want to make it easy to blend Clkim's core features into your online marketing strategy.

Check out these elegant and efficient tools, and discover how Clkim's integrations can help you  get more from your links today.


Chrome and Firefox Extensions

Our unique browser extensions allow you to shorten links with several different domains with the same extension. You'll also receive automatic sharing options to your Social Media Channels. Just insert your account API into the extension, and you're set to go.


Clkim Bookmarklet

The bookmarklet sits on your browser's bookmarks bar.  This allows you to quickly shorten links as you discover them. Short links can be generated with the Clkim domain, or with your own branded domain. Every short link will then appear in your Clkim dashboard, and you can add extra features to those links at any time.

Auto-Shortening Tool For Your Site

Once the auto-shortening tool is integrated, custom short links will be generated every time a web visitor clicks any link on your site. Every newly generated short link will then appear in your Clkim dashboard. This can help you (a) gather valuable data about activity on your site, (b) plant retargeting pixels on anyone that interacts with your site, (c) easily launch full-page ads on click.

Clkim WordPress Monetization Plugin - Interstitial SSP

Our proprietary WP plugin (translated into 10+ languages!) helps WP publishers automatically shorten URLs on their WP enabled website. Using our plugin you can target which links should be shortened based on many filters, such as where they appear, where they lead to and much more. 

Clkim WordPress ShareBox Plugin

This tool allows you to embed a ShareBox within any page of your site. Your audience will thereby be empowered to easily share your branded links on the Social Network of their choice. Available for Wordpress and Non-Wordpress Sites.

Developer's API

The developer's API allows you to integrate Clkim's core features into your apps. Gain access to the ability to shorten links with the "" domain, or with branded domains.

Zapier Integration

Imagine all your favorite apps: Facebook, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Wordpress, etc. How many links do you share across these platforms on a daily basis? On a weekly basis? With the Zapier integration, you can easily integrate the branded auto-shortening action of Clkim into any apps you choose.

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