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Product Features Clkim Monetize Bitly Enterprise
Account Start now  
Price $100 / Month $995 / Month
Payment Terms Monthly - no commitment Annual
Branded domain Yes Yes
User Seat 1 1
Daily Traffic Reports (email) Yes No
Live Chat Yes No
Account Manager Yes Yes
Redirect Click Cap Unlimited Unlimited
Interstitial Click Cap Unlimited N/A
Url Cap Unlimited 50,000
API Cap 100,000 50,000
Shorten URL Start now  
Alias Editing Yes Yes
QR Code Yes No
Open Graph Control Yes No
Password Protect URL Yes Yes
Facebook Debugger link Yes No
Notes Yes Yes
Edit destination URL Yes Yes
Destination A/B testing Yes Yes
Geo Redirects Yes Yes
OS Redirects Yes Yes
UTM Yes Yes
Analytics Start now  
Clicks Yes Yes
Regional (GEO's) Yes Yes
Social Yes Yes
Bots Yes No
Language Yes No
Device Yes No
Platform Yes No
OS Yes No
Browser Yes No
Referrer Yes Yes
Engagment Yes Yes
Monetization Start now  
Conversion Pixel Yes No
Retargeting / tracking pixel Yes No
URL Level Retargeting Override Yes No
URL Level Monetization Override Yes No
Adblocker fallback Yes No
Interstitial Template Yes No
Full page ad control Yes No
Top bar ad control Yes No
Pop ad control Yes No
Revenue reports Yes No
Integrations Start now  
Bookmarklet Yes Yes
API Yes Yes
Wordpress sharing box Yes No
Wordpress monetization Yes No
Publisher JS Yes No
Chrome Extension Yes Yes
Firefox Extension Yes Yes
Zappier Yes Yes
Social Network Auto-Poster (Snap) - WordPress Plugin Yes Yes

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