Clkim for Brands

In today’s landscape, every company has become an online publisher. That’s why it’s important to optimize the way your brand gets discovered online.

Clkim was founded in 2014 with the dream of boosting the online presence of your brand.


Develop Your Brand

Instead of just using a generic URL shortener every time you want to shorten a link, we encourage our users to use their own branded subdomain for all their shortening needs.


Gain A 'Big Picture'

On top of polishing up the look of your links, we also provide brands with click intelligence metrics. The ability to measure clicks and conversions is crucial for continually optmizing your content game.


Social Media Tools

As more users have come to love the Clkim shortening versatility we also began to build innovate integration tools for Social Media. Our ShareBox and Open Graph Editor tools make a great addition to any Social Strategy.


Nurture Your Relationships

At the Clkim labs, we decided to explore what links are truly capable of. The "click" can be much more than a "first date". Ad buyers love the retargeting on click features, and have seen increased conversions with the ability to create full-page ads which launch on click.


Meeting Your Needs

Social Media marketing is a rapidly changing field, and we believe our users should be able to integrate shortening into all the other apps they already use and love. That's why we created a Zapier integration (read our latest Zapier Growth Hack).


The Bottom Line

The online consumer, and modern web surfer, is increasingly expecting personalized online experiences. Our Smart Redirect features meet that need by automatically segmenting your audience based on Operating System, and Location. By enabling marketers to send the right people to the right places, you can increase your brand loyalty and retain your audience for the long term.

We've recently made updates to our website to comply with GDPR. We have also updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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